Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Credentialed Optometrists

Credentialed Optometrists are trained occupational vision experts, recognised as having particular skills in providing vision care to critical staff in the aviation industry. The Aviation Medical Section within the Civil Aviation Safety Authority regulates medical standards for all classes of pilots, air traffic controllers and flight engineers. Individuals are required to maintain a valid medical certificate while performing their tasks and this is provided by initial and periodic medical examinations with a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME) and when required to have their vision tested by Credentialed Optometrists (CO) or Designated Aviation Ophthalmologists (DAO).

Credentialed optometrists work closely with DAME doctors to ensure the pilot’s vision is optimal and meets the required standards for different medical classes. Examination results are reported through a confidential online system and if there are no issues, CASA certification is approved automatically. CASA requires DAME, CO and DAO examiners to maintain their competencies by regular training sessions. The occupational health expertise of these practitioners is recognised generally with their expertise often applied to providing services to other industries.

Vision screening services are not claimable through Medicare and an examination and reporting fee will be applied.

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